A rabbit hole or DID?

Normally, I don’t look at who wrote an episode, the truth is I just don’t care.  From the scriptwriter’s hand to the final product holds so many changes, ad libs and rewrites the final product is often unrecognizable from the original.   This time I looked though, simply to see if there were two writers; the one who read the book and wrote the Roger part and the one who either never read and or ignored the book and wrote the Brianna part.  It was just one writer though, perhaps with a touch of DID?


I have to tell you; unshaven Roger was a bit of a shock as were those culottes he was wearing.   Normally I never have a negative word to say about Terry Dresbach’s genius, but even coming from the future, Roger is a historian, he would have picked a better outfit.  Still, I loved the Roger stuff.  I was slow to warm to Rik Rankin, but he has completely won me over!

I LOVE Fiona too!   I can’t help thinking of Batman and Robin every time I see those two cause Robin ain’t got nothing on loyalty when it comes to Fiona.  Roger looked a bit scared-who can blame him- but with Fiona’s unwavering support raises his hands to the rock to follow the woman he loves.

Apparently, unlike the woman he loves, Roger looked at a map of how to get from the stones to the docks.  I have a theory that Bonnet took one look at those culottes Roger was wearing and that’s why he refused to let him on the boat.   Roger is unwavering in his quest and proves his worth in throwing a barrel on his shoulder.  Bonnet realizes that despite the culottes Roger might be worth having on board.  The flip of a coin decides Roger’s fate; Roger thinks he’s won, little does he know.

Poor Roger, he waited until they were out in the depths of the ocean to realize Bonnet is a psychopath.  I held my breath the first time Bonnet held Morag’s child fearful he would toss the squalling babe overboard, but instead he just gave the baby a sip of whiskey.

The next baby in Bonnet’s wake didn’t fare too well.   Small Pox was a dreaded disease back then and the show is historically accurate in showing that anyone with the disease was sacrificed to Poseidon, doesn’t make it any easier to watch.  Roger knows Bonnet and his crew will mistake Morag’s baby’s fevered teething for sickness and he hides them.  Thankfully Bonnet isn’t that stupid where the baby’s concerned, but he is pissed at Roger and once again flips a coin to decide Roger’s fate.

I do have one small question about Roger though…Claire’s ring was visible several times resting snugly on Bonnet’s finger and we know Roger spent time with Claire when she wore that distinctive ring.  So…. why didn’t Roger notice, or at least question, that Bonnet wore a similar ring?


The girl’s got guts I’ll give you that, unfortunately, what she apparently didn’t have was sense enough to look at a map before heading through the stones.  The Scottish wilderness is beautiful but cold and slippery.  Note to Outlander writers here, I don’t need ten minutes and three different scenes of Brianna traipsing through the frozen tundra.  We get it!   It’s an arduous journey and she’s got the courage and grit of her parents to attempt it, but one scene of her shivering and twisting her ankle before falling flat on her face would have been enough.

Thankfully Brianna is found, and we have a moment to bask in the warmth of relief before realizing Brianna’s savior is the true witch of Outlander Laoghaire or as I affectionally call her, Leghair.   Oh, Leghair’s nice enough when she gets to live in the delusion that the love of her life was stolen from her by a conniving Sassenach witch.  It’s when she’s slapped with the truth of the matter that Leghair gets a bit nasty, first with Ian whose money doesn’t have enough blood on it for Leghair to take and then when she realizes she’s been housing the living, breathing proof that Jamie loved Claire and not her.

Thankfully we have Joanie.   While not true sisters, it was nice to see her bond with Brianna with tales of a man, so kind and wonderful Joanie considers him her Da despite living with him for less than a year.   It was the love of Jamie that sent Joanie to rescue Brianna from her mother’s machinations and take her to the family seat of Lallybroch.

Trouble is…we spent far too much time with Laoghaire and not enough time at Lallybroch.  Ian going “Hey”, then giving her money to buy a ship’s passage and her mother’s old clothes like he couldn’t’ get her out the door fast enough just didn’t cut it. Ian thinks Brianna has her mother’s eyes instead of the books “look of her father”.  Have you looked at Claire’s eyes, Ian?    I know Laura Donnelly was unavailable to reprise the character of Jenny Murray, but seriously, even in the book, Brianna’s time with Ian is far more important to the understanding of her father.  Bad move Outlander writers.

And speaking of bad moves.  You cannot convince me that not in the whole of Europe could the casting director find a petite blonde to play Lizzie.  My God, that girl was a head taller than Brianna and probably an inch or two taller than Jamie.  No way is this gal going to be able to convincingly portray Lizzie’s frailness.  They’ll probably have this Lizzie wrestling the white sow before the end of the season.  That’s strike two for this seasons Outlander casting.  Whatever ya’ll are smoking…. STOP!


And here’s Frank’s again…

You know, I didn’t mind Frank all that much this time, and I normally am NOT a Frank fan.

First Frank…A sweet memory, I hope we all have one like that.  A memory of being in our father’s arms with a feeling no one can touch us and all is right in the world.

Second Frank…This is a memory for which I hope most of us were spared.   That moment in childhood where we realize that the cocoon of comfort that surrounds us is nothing more than an illusion.

Third Frank – The rabbit hole is opened.  Frank has found the death notice and with it irrefutable proof that all this time Claire hadn’t lied.  She goes back to Jamie-the questions for Frank is, does Brianna go with her.  He’s upset and drinking, so much so that Brianna takes notice, but what she thinks is a problem with her parents’ marriage is so much more.  The memory is so much deeper than a father-daughter moment.  For Brianna, it’s the realization that her father knew all along that her mother returned to Jamie- and that it was a secret he kept.

Fourth Frank – The rabbit hole is getting deeper and Frank’s reeling.   He knows Claire goes back to Jamie, its there in black and white.  Yet there is the young girl who has always been HIS daughter, and she’s trying to understand his mood, trying to help unknowing that for Frank her sweetness is only adding to his despair.

Fifth Frank – The bottom of the rabbit hole is looming and he’s desperate.  To keep his daughter from a fate in the past, he must control her future.  Taking her away from Claire is the only option he can see to keep her in his life.   Brianna reacts like any young adult when confronting change-not well.   Plus, the memory brings on the added guilt of not responding to Frank’s “I love you”, for the last time.

We all know what happens.  Alone in that car, knowing Claire would have never stopped loving Jamie and returns o him, fearful that Brianna would seek out the father of her blood, did Frank try to save himself when the car started to slide, or did he let go, seeking the oblivion only the bottom of the rabbit hole could provide.

Final Frank – Just a moment, the proud nod of a head toward a daughter following her true destiny, but in that nod all that Brianna needed; I love you, I’m proud of you, I was so grateful to be able to raise you, and the most important.  It’s okay to go find Jamie, I understand.  For Brianna, it’s a moment of forgiveness and the permission she needs to embrace her true parentage.  Goodbye Frank.

2 thoughts on “A rabbit hole or DID?

  1. Coulottes! 😂😂😂 I love Fiona, too. I wanted more Brianna/Ian/Lallybroch time. We were cheated out of a very iconic moment when we didn’t get pearls and hogwash.

    This is the same writer as “Uncharted” so yes there’s a lot of meandering through the highlands. And that road she was on reminded me of the same one they used for Duncan Kerr! 🤪

    I’ve read a lot of feedback on various sites including Maril’s on Twitter and there are a lot of disappointed fans. I for one will not abandon this series. I’m just hoping for better writing…and casting…see “Lizzie”.


  2. I don’t have a problem with the culottes. Where in the world would Roger find 18th century breeches in such a short time? So, he did what he could: cut off some longer trousers to make short pants. I have seen the same sort of pants in other historical shows, so I’m thinking it might have been historically accurate for someone who was not gentry to wear them.
    For the same reason, I understand the shave. Most men n the 18th century did not keep facial hair. It didn’t go with their wigs! LOL
    About the ring – men never notice that kind of stuff, plus Roger was in a life or death situation. What’s he gonna do ? “Hey, Captain, I know you’re about to flip a coin to find out my fate, but where’d ya get that ring?” Not thinking that he would think that.
    I agree with everything else. 🙂


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