Old Friends and New Adventures…that and Lord Johns is on my sh*t-list.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m a little pissed at Lord John Gray.   He claims to love Jamie, so much that he’ll deny his true nature and be a faithful husband for the sake of Jamie’s son but he let Jamie’s godfather be indentured….to a meanie for all that.   Still he does get the measles next week and Murtaugh looked awfully good this week, so while I’m miffed Lord John didn’t make sure this important person in Jamie’s life didn’t get a cushy indenture, I’ll get over it.

It was a good show.

I loved the scenery at the start (I have a creek by my house that could be that one’s twin), Claire learning at the shaman’s feet despite the awkwardness of  language.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I come from a long line of “white women”.  My father’s family springs from an Irish/Scottish indentured lass finding love with a Cherokee Indian medicine man in the years after the Revolutionary War.  I’ve seen the line of my grandmother’s mentioned more than once in tales of the Appalachia mountains.  My granny carried on the tradition.  I was fifteen before I knew cough medicine wasn’t made from moonshine, honey, lemon ginger and willow bark and that you could buy it.  While my granny never told me someone from the future was back to visit me…there was more than a few times when the soundtrack to the Twilight Zone played in my head while in her presence.  The old Indian woman’s the real deal, from her knowledge that Claire is different and powerful to her words that Bree exists in the 18th century and not just in her mother’s heart.

The Fraser’s cabin is done…and a damn sight better looking that what I imagined based on the book.  It looks like Jamie & Claire have settled in to housekeeping with Claire having to keep up with everything like most wives do cause just like pretty much every husband, Jamie can’t find sh*t.  I’m not ashamed to admit, I squealed with excitement at the mention and sight of the white sow.  Dream on Ian, that bacon will be a long time coming!  Claire is content and happy, a life with Jamie with an outlet to practice her healing is all she’s ever wanted.  Jamie though, he wants more and he and Ian set off to find settlers to build the Fraser’s Ridge of Jamie’s imagination, but not before Jamie tells Claire of a another dream-that of their daughter that makes us wonder if he’s not got a little shaman magic of his own.

Back in Inverness Roger has arrived trying to find his lady love but it seems more and more likely than Brianna might have headed to the stones (I’m sorry, but if I was Roger, it would have been the first thing I would have thought of).  Roger’s beside himself, possibly because he feels that if Brianna has traveled to the past, she’s lost to him forever.  Little does he know!

The sound of a baby crying should bring joy, but this time it’s a siren of doom.   The Mueller’s are a close-knit, loving family who have already known heartache.   Representative of so many poor souls that came to doom while only trying to find a better life, made all the sadder by the fact that it was Gerhart himself who brought the disease that caused his families downfall in the guileless form of a toy for the new baby.  How many times has violence erupted simply because of fear and ignorance?   Mueller believes the Cherokee are savages who cursed his water and killed his kin so he is honor bound to seek revenge, even on innocent souls too old to defend themselves.  I don’t know who my heart ached more for the Mueller’s or the Cherokee.

Claire’s empathy and independence slowly erodes and the fears of her situation slowly sink in through long nights alone in the cabin.  Her joy and contentment morph into nervousness and heartache so much so that she breaks into what awful stuff passes for whiskey to settle her nerves.  It’s true the Cherokee afford her some measure of respect and protection as the wife of the “bear-killer”, but those who appear savage to most are not the ones she needs to fear.  Mueller isn’t a bad man- he’s a good man who loves his family and comes to Claire not in revenge but out of affection and his desire to protect her.  Mueller’s gift of gratitude is one of horror for Claire as she recognizes what Mueller has done in his mis-guided righteousness and that true savagery knows no color.

Woolam’s Creek was a lot busier than I imagined it would be, full of men women and horny floozies (ya’ll know who I’m talking about!).   Jamie and Ian are dumbfounded that men would turn down the offer of free land and our would-be laird gets his first inkling that perhaps the Governor isn’t as generous as he pretends.

When the horses’ bit breaks (I swear my first thought was that the floozie silversmith’s wife did it so Jamie would have to hang around.   Outlander writers are setting something up here, I just can’t figure what yet.)  Ian’s dealings with the blacksmith brings Jamie’s ire and a confrontation with a voice that sends cold chills up my spine.  Murtaugh.   He’s fleeced Ian to the point that I laughed out loud… laughter that turned to tears at the moment when Jamie and his godfather get their first sight of each other after twenty years.  Murtaugh’s joy at hearing of Claire and Brianna garnered another tear, as did Jamie playing the proud father.    It wasn’t what I speculated the writers would do with this resurrected character, but I loved every minute of it, right down to Ian calling him an “old coot”.     Murtaugh might have come to America as a slave, but he’s his own man, a successful one who has once again taken a stand against British tyranny…I can’t wait till he finds out he’s on the winning side this time.  Murtaugh’s desire for freedom is a cross-purpose with Jamie’s promise to the Governor, but I have a feeling the two men won’t be on opposite sides for long.

That brings me to the candlestick…as close to a handed down mother’s ring as Jamie could get as a friend said.  To me the ring being make by Murtaugh’ makes it all the more special and I can’t wait for the scene when Jamie places it on Claire’s finger.  For that final reunion, having Murtaugh whistle the song he and Claire performed while searching for Jamie was the perfect callback to the time they bonded and the reunion was bittersweet, pulling forth another tear or two.

Finally, we have Roger reading a letter received one year too soon.   Brianna meant to come back to him, but knew there was a possibility she could not.  Finally, we see what most of us suspected all along, Brianna in a store-bought costume raising her hands in a supplication to the stones that merge her past and future.  Brianna is afraid, but spurred onward with courage borne of the desire to save her parents from an awful fate.  It’s amazing what love can conjure sometimes to inspire and create, but often to destroy.  In this week’s Outlander, we got a taste of both.

2 thoughts on “Old Friends and New Adventures…that and Lord Johns is on my sh*t-list.

  1. Loved the episode. Tears when Jamie and Murtaugh met again after so long – the look on Murtaugh’s face when he heard Jamie’s voice stirred the heart. I have always had conflicted feelings about Herr Mueller. I understand that he did what he did out of deep grief over his daughter and granddaughter, but the savagery and indiscriminate killing of the Indian shaman hurts my heart. I did like the way they handled “disposing” of that character. And when Claire realized it was Murtaugh, with him whistling the Bugle Boy tune. How sweet was that? Beautiful episode!


  2. This episode was awesome. I’m so glad the writers brought Murtagh back and sad they Indian healer was scalped. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I don’t remember reading that part.


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