What noises did you make….

by Crystal Fann

What noise am I going to make now?

I thought we had missed it…like Diana herself, my favorite love scene in eight books doesn’t have much skin at all; just a well thought out and very detailed description of what Jamie plans to do to Claire when he has the time, space and lack of company.  Although in a much different place than in the book, it played out as perfectly as I had imagined.

It’s the last show of the season…and now Drought lander begins, thankfully not as long as the last one and I’m sure the coming months will be filled with photos and tidbits to whet our appetites.  As a season ender, it doesn’t get much more perfect than last night’s episode and to pay homage to one of my favorite all times scenes, I thought I’d talk about this episodes in terms of the noises Jamie – and the rest of the Outlander gang – caused me to make during this episode.

Awww!  We’ve all said it.  It’s the sound we reserve for the sweet stuff like puppies and kitten videos.  The only puppy I saw in last night’s episode was the one Claire shooed away, but even so, the show definitely had its share of the sweet stuff.  Fergus and Marsali were the recipients of the first “Awww” of the night.  Coming hand in hand back to Jamie & Claire’s room they are worried about their friends until Fergus finds the note.   It’s not the interaction between these two newlyweds that had me going “Awww” but the moment Marsali reminded Fergus that she was his wife and that she was coming with him.  It was couple sweet to be sure, but more than that it showed who Marsali was looking too when trying to be a good wife – and it certainly isn’t her mother!

Let’s talk about “Eek!”.   It most often manifests in that split second between something surprising and the moment when you can actually breathe again.  While I didn’t expect Jason Voorhees to jump out from behind one of the shabby slave corners, I knew Claire skulking about whisper-shouting “Ian” wasn’t a good idea!  Just like Lassie, the little dog led Claire to the well but far too late to save Henry at this point.   I guess Ian is the only one of the boys to make it out alive.  When Hercules grabs Claire from behind, my “Eek” was audible.

Lotte Verbeek deserves an award for her portrayal of Geillis in this episode.   Not that she hasn’t always done a good job, but in this episode, Lotte plays Geillis as though her insane desire for a Scottish King lies itching just under her fair skin, threatening to erupt at any moment.  Claire and Geillis cat and mouse game made my skin prickly, especially when Claire, in the desire to help young Ian, seals her daughter’s death warrant.   It’s not that Claire doesn’t realize how danger Geillis is dangerous, it’s that she just doesn’t realize HOW crazy.  Not EVERBODY wants a Scottish king Geillis – trouble is, Geillis doesn’t know this!  With a right-hand man like Hercules to do her dirty work, Claire has no choice but to remind Geillis that she has met the 200-year-old child before (way to long-term plan writers!) and Geillis sees the hands of fates dropping the answer to the prophecy in her lap.  On another note, do you think Geillis ever sits around clapping her hands and saying “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!”?  My apologies for the Nutty Professor reference.

Bwaah!  This is the sound of just desserts!  It’s one part righteous indignation and one part pure evil laugh and it’s all inclusive of the joy we feel in seeing somebody get what’s coming to them, especially rather bad somebodies.

Yes, I know that in reality, Captain Leonard is a mere child – I guess that’s why he acts like one.  He carts a bound Jamie back to the ship like a kid that knows he’s bought the best present to a birthday party that can’t wait to get the accolades for it.  This is his ticket to greatness – and Leonard knows it and knows it well enough to put duty before what he knows to be right.

As much as I detested Leonard in this week’s episode, I LOVED John Grey.   His miss-speaking Leonard’s rank, as well as his thoughts on Navy promotion, tells all too well what he thinks about the power hungry little twit that arrested his friend.   We call that a “verbal bitch-slap” here in the south, and Lord John earned his Southern card last night in spades!  Hearing later that Lord John has used his considerable power to get all warrants dropped against Jamie is just another feather in his cap as far as I’m concerned.

Jamie had a little “Bwaah” of his own tonight and his side-eye of Leonard while Lord John was chewing the young man a new one was priceless!

Back to the “Awwws”, while I’ve never been one of those Lord John and Jamie shippers, my heart broke a little watching Lord John Gray looking after Jamie one last time.  It’s not like he can Skype him next week, as far as Lord John knows this might be the last time he ever looks on the face of the one true love of his life.  Is it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved at all?   I think that’s one question Lord John can answer for us, and I have a feeling most won’t like his answer.

Another favorite “Bwaah” moment of mine was Claire, fresh from seeing young Ian carried off into the night picking up a candlestick and taking a swing at whom she assumes has come to cart her off into the night.  Thankfully Jamie’s fast and has practice dodging things, because Claire, and us too for that matter, don’t mind a bit for Jamie carrying her off anywhere, even if she is a bad-ass on her own accord!

I’ve seen enough movies to know anytime I hear frantic voodoo inspired drums, there’s a chicken out there whose number is up.  The frenzied gyrations of worshippers in the spirit showing off their crocodile hats are scary enough, but Claire sees past the frightening jig to find the commonality with dancers she has seen before on the hills of Craig Na Dun.   This was more of a “WTF” moment to be honest, but thankfully soundless as there were other people in the room.

There are some things the books get right and then there are some things the show gets right and in the character of Yi Tien Cho, the show wins hands down.   I loved the show’s characterization of a man who in the books often seems more character than man.  His quiet dignity, his devotion to Jamie and his respect for Claire deserve nothing less than a happy ending – and I’m glad he finds it with a woman who sees his soul.   In Yi Tien Cho’s hands, Margaret is no longer miserable and terrified by what she can see, but serene with her gifts, because she is with a man who can see her soul as well and will help her use those gifts the way she has always wanted – to help others.

This “Awww” moment almost made it to the “Eek” zone.   I was as wigged out as Jamie at Margaret’s seeing him gazing at the only sight of life in the death field of Culloden.  Claire is more touched than frightened by the reminder of how she held on to Jamie 200 years away with the chirping of a bird.  It’s when Margaret touches both their hands in unison that the “Awww” moment really comes into play.   Claire immediately recognizes Brianna’s voice and Jamie, hearing it for the first time, with the words that a daughter he believes will never see can dream and love about him from afar got me right in the feels.  You don’t get much more “Awww” than that people!

Archie Campbell had karma gunning at him in spades.   No only had he mistreated his sister and used her gifts for evil instead of the good they were intended, his “likes of you and chinaman” comments to Yi Tien Cho made me see red.  I for one was glad there was some Kung foo fighting and Yi Tien Cho come out on top.  Was I the only one hoping those dancing island folk dabbled in a little cannibalism where Archie was concerned?  At least maybe that way, a few chickens would be spared.  “Bwaah” indeed!

What starts as an “Awww” moment quickly morphs into an “Eek” as Brianna/ Margaret spies a monster coming for her.  Apt description for Geillis I thought.  My true “Eek” however came in that moment  when Archie Campbell arrives on the scene and Claire sickeningly realizes she has unwittingly offered her daughter up for the slaughter, photograph included.  As any parent can tell you, realizing your child is in danger is the most “Eek” feeling in the world.

I’ve noticed several times this season that Jamie mentions Faith, wringing an “Awww” out of me every time he does so.   I think Jamie does it not because he loves Faith more than Brianna, but because she was more real to him.  Even though Faith resided in Claire’s womb during their acquaintance Jamie talked to her and felt her move.  He knew her!  He mentions Faith again tonight, but as a promise that Brianna won’t suffer her fate, even if it means losing Claire forever, with a kiss that could be their last.  I did a little bit more than “Awww” on this one; I might actually have shed a tear or two.

Seeing Ian bound and gagged and at the mercy of Geillis can’t have made them feel much better.  So enraptured in the Scottish cause, Geillis can only refer to Jamie as the descendant to one that was seen as a Scottish hero, Simon, Lord Lovett, the old fox.

When Jamie and Hercules start to fight, I caught Claire’s glances and she faced off with Geillis and could have sworn she threw a telepathic “keep him busy” Jamie’s way. (A little “The Mummy” reference for you there).   After a brief bout of insane justification from Geillis spelling out exactly what she has in mind for Brianna, Claire pushes her away from the portal.  Thinking Jamie’s killing of Hercules will do as a sacrifice Geillis makes one final mad attempt, only to finally be put out of her misery by a mother not willing to sacrifice her child for anything.  Jamie picks up the picture of the daughter they saved while Claire looks over the cost to save her.  I wonder what Claire felt like standing there, remembering holding Geillis skull in her hand – the hand of God as Geillis claimed or just an “Eek” twist of fate?  Jamie was there this time though…and his arms were strong enough to comfort both Ian and Claire.   So even “Eeks” and “Bwaahs” can turn into “Awww” – good to know.

We now come to the “Swoon” segment of our program.  If you don’t know what I mean by “Swoon”  go watch the scene that inspired this blog – you’ll figure it out.

It started off very “Awww” worthy, Claire commening on Lord John’s friendship and noticing a few more gray hairs on Jamie cause – let’s face it – it’s not easy to remember these two are supposed to be in their late forites!  Claire likes the stubble, get in line honey, although how it feels on the skin is only something she can attest too.  Amid smooching and cooing and moaning and a long awaited round-arese fondle, Claire and Jamie talk about their future, returning young Ian to Scotland, going home and other more urgent pursuits – yes he did lick her neck!   Claire might deny that she makes noises through scenes like this…I’ll amdit it freely, I make all kinds of them and I’m just watching.  After sweaty pursuits, Jamie’s hears the thunder and hopes for a cool breeze…be careful what you wish for.

I did wonder why Jamie wasn’t green and barfing, poor ole Hayes even had a bucket as he waiting out the storm in the cargo hold.   If only Claire would ever listen when Jamie tells her to stay put.   Her calling as a surgeon is strong and she ventures on deck to help the wounded, only to be swept overboard by the wilds of the deep.

Jamie might have thought he was dead at the beginning of the season, but Claire’s the one who now thinks she’s about to meet her maker.  Hearing the “Faith” music from season two, I like to think the angel of their lost daughter kept Claire alive long enough for Jamie to find her, his kiss bestowing life-giving oxygen as well as his will for her to live.  Jamie threatens to kill her if she dies on him,  and I was never more grateful to be a book reader than at the moment when we see that the calm seas and dinky life raft were not safe, but in the eye of the hurricane.

Personally I like to think the little blonde girl poking Jamie in the butt with a stick is acting as all of us in that situation.  Jamie doesn’t like to be poked, but the thing he likes less than that is the one stark, hateful, eternity lasting moment when he thinks Claire is gone from him forever.  Thankfully Claire doesn’t go back on her work and she reminds Jamie she promised never to leave him again.  But Fergus, Marsali, Ian, Hayes, Duncan and the others didn’t’ make such a promise and Jamie and Claire’s newfound relief is tinged with grief.

The little girl is back with her parents and while her mother might be a bit saddened at not getting to poke Jamie’s fine butt with a stick, the Olivers do bring the news that maybe the Fraser’s grief is immature.  The boat will never sail again, but the others are fine and they’re in Georgia ya’ll!   America? Claire asks with the question in her eyes.  It is, after all, where their daughter lives 200 years in the future.  With a nod of acquiesce Jamie concedes and the two of them embrace each other and their new life, with only one tear rolling down Jamie’s cheek in mourning for Scotland.   The credits roll and once again Bear McCreary proves his genius as drums and fife begins to play.  A perfect ending to a season that has been a voyage and now the Frasers are home.

One thought on “What noises did you make….

  1. All the aforementioned sounds! The one I would add for me was a moan/groan for Jamie to hurry at freeing Ian before that puddle portal devours Claire.

    This was a phenomenal episode and kudos and accolades go to every single genius that brought it to us. My favorite finale by far. I hope Matt Roberts does more writing and directing in S4 and hopefully beyond.


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