About us….

Outlander Sassenach Sisterhood enjoys all things Outlander. Our feisty, fun and fabulous members enjoy gathering together – quarterly outings to Scottish pubs, weekly book/tv series viewing and discussions with live video streaming to membership, Outlander theme parties and attending the Scottish Games in our local communities.  This year we have the honor of being the first and only Outlander fan group allowed a fan booth at this year’s Dragon Con event in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend.

The Sassenach Sisterhood was founded in 2015 and to date has over 350 members from all across the globe.  We have great membership participation with our on-line community which includes a weekly live-streaming book club as well as live-feed episode discussions that air after our weekly viewing parties when the show is on-air.

A special treat was the weekend last October when we hosted Outlander Gaelic consultant Àdhamh Ó Broin and Bagpiper Elias Alexander.  Our fun time and Outlander celebration was even reported on the local news!   Plus we hosted Jamie Fraser’s 296th Birthday Party complete with original songs performed by the Outlander Sassenach-Sisterhood choir! (Soundtrack available on our YouTube channel).

We are a fun group and we hope to grow in both the Outlander Community as well as in our joy at all things Outlander!

Contact us at:  outlandersassysisters@gmail.com

Find us at:

Facebook – Outlander – Sassenach Sisterhood

Twitter – @sassenachsass